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Early Years of Web Development

Way Cool Web Design LLC is a web development company in Frederick County, Maryland. Owner John Barrick has been developing Web sites and internet marketing since 1995 when he created his first award-winning Web site centered around his medieval-themed wedding. John's freelancing during those years was actually focused on print work and the company was called Design Quest.

John struggled through these early years, taking print and web projects for little to no pay for the experience, until around 2000 when he became employed with Brook Group in Ellicott City, Maryland. Immediately John began creating stellar online advertising for America Online. Through the years at Brook Group John continued to add to his skillset, eventually focusing on advanced tableless HTML/CSS coding. It was during this time, when John was knee-deep in learning about Search Engine Optimization, that he reserved the domain because it has the words "web design" in it.

The Birth of Way Cool Web Design LLC

Using as a personal Web site, the domain began to move up in rankings for a few of its articles, and also the fact it had a great incoming link from the popular CSS ZenGarden, where John had a design accepted.

In 2005, John's amicable departure from Brook Group to spend more time with his daughter led him to begin freelancing once again, this time with more success. Teaming up with many friends old and new brought in enough work that in March of 2008 the freelancing was turned into a new company, Way Cool Web Design LLC.

July of 2008 marks the hiring of Way Cool Web Design's first employee. And finally, after way too many years, Way Cool Web Design gets its own redesign and Drupal CMS implementation in March of 2009.

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