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2 Shows 1 Trip

2 Shows 1 Trip

"You're the bomb John."
Y. G. D. was a 1-page mini-site promoting infoComm08 and NXTComm08, two conferences that could be attended at once since their show dates overlapped at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our Friend, Balance brought this to us to quickly design and code. The challenge was that so much information was required for the one page that we had to keep design to a minimum.

The first two are AWESOME, YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ROCK! 4th one... right on... just awesome! It's simple... you ROCK, and will contact you on many future projects to come. Very helpful, polite, knowledgeable about PC and MAC. Just the person I have been trying to find!
M. T., Principal, Designer Crux Creative, LLC


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