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Chesapeake Innovation Center Website Maintenance

Chesapeake Innovation Center Website Maintenance

Innovative Incubator Requires Website Maintenance

Chesapeake Innovation Center, a business incubator in Anne Arundel County, Maryland came to us with a beautiful Web site and asked for help maintaining it. They realized early on that, as easy as we make it look (wink, wink), HTML is still not magic — Web sites do not create or maintain themselves.

Excellence Maintained by Way Cool Web Design

Thankfully we make it pretty easy to find affordable ways to maintain your site. We have several retainer levels to fit your needs whether that means tweaking areas from time to time, or perhaps adding a few press releases monthly, or maybe even full-time, full-court press website updates.

It's very easy to assume once your site is built that you never need to think about it again, however the reality is quite different. Your Web site is the most immediate way you can communicate to your audience that you are a living, breathing, growing company. Maintain it!

UPDATE 2006: After management changes at CIC, we no longer maintain the site.


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