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"John has always been a pleasure to work with. He has done a great job and has always been an expert! Will continue to work with him any chance possible. Absolutely superb service. I have full intentions of using him in the future. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with! THANK YOU for working so fast on this project for me!"
M. T., Owner Crux Creative, LLC

In late 2006 our Friend, Crux Creative, brought us a series of projects for Cognio. We resized some Flash ads and created a few buttons for their cart over the next few months. We also produced a few landing pages for surveys where participates could win iTunes gift cards and even a Slingbox.

Cognio was acquired by Cisco in late 2007.

First I'll just say it looks...amazing! I'm so excited! I've been playing around on the new site, and it's just fantastic...absolutely everything I had hoped for but so much more. Our ability to even make the smallest little change ourselves is just such a huge bonus and is so different from other website versions we've had, it just makes it that much more useful to me.

D.N., Publisher The Daily Washington Law Reporter


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