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"John was incredibly professional, very responsive and timely with his emails. He knows his code, implemented changes easily, cheerfully did updates after "oops, we need..." John was firm, courteous, and his code worked wonders. We enjoyed our project, and definitely look forward to working with him again."
Adrean C. is a project developed in collaboration with parents of DeafBlind children, and the DeafBlind adults who govern the Minnesota DeafBlind Association. The site is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

The Section 508 compliant HTML templates were developed by John Barrick, owner of Way Cool Web Design. The site also featured a style switcher to make some text larger or bold for visually-impaired users, however it seems over the years some features have been disabled from what was originally delivered.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. A solution that compensates for critical deficiencies in IE support for CSS was provided by John, enabling us to push ahead with a strategy that may not have been possible otherwise. My advice to you if you're considering working with John Barrick on a project is: Do it! I intend to continue working with John on this and other future projects.

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