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Design for Context

Design for Context

Technology should never get in the way of success. Unfortunately, it often does. People cannot find information or complete transactions because of confusing or cumbersome interfaces. When technology gets in the way, people become frustrated, need more training, become less productive, find work-arounds, or avoid using the product. It does not have to be this way. Design for Context's user-centered design is a proven process that reduces the risk of these problems and makes both you and your customers successful.

DFC's recent visual design face-lift project morphed into a Drupal CMS implementation. Originally, Way Cool Web Design was contacted for fast static HTML/CSS template and web site code, however with the Drupal CMS in our tool belt we understood we could give the client a more dynamic and easier-to-update CMS web site for the same price or less. As it turned out the client had been considering a move to a CMS in the near future!

Providing the CMS to Design for Context at this stage of their web site growth will save them money into the future. Not to mention: no more static web site updates. That's soooooo 2005!

John is a fantastic designer; meticulous and VERY knowledgeable. His best practices and creativity is a must for anyone wanting to create a truly great, cleanly coded website. John is also well versed in SEO and 508 compliance. I would recommend John to my business colleagues.
B. B., Owner Web Strategies Internet Solutions LLC


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