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Grunt Apparel Drupal + Ubercart eCommerce

Grunt Apparel Drupal + Ubercart eCommerce

"John is a rare talent with the ability to cross over between design and programming. Willing to find programming / css solutions to almost any design challenge. I can always count on John to produce clean, efficient and thoughtful websites. John is a great resource, always on top of the latest industry trends. He is the BEST!"
M. S., Owner IndigoPark

Our friend, Michelle Suazo at Indigo Park delivered art for Grunt Apparel, a military-focused clothing store. We turned it into a full-fledged online store using the Drupal content management system and the Ubercart shopping cart module.

Thank goodness we went with Drupal. At one point after all product artwork had been uploaded, a change in the product photo size was desired. normally this is disastrous for a budget, and would mean recutting hundreds of thumbnail photos. Because we used Drupal and the Imagecache module, resizing the thumbnails is handled by Drupal, and so it was trivial to change every thumbnail by changing one setting.

After launch the client wanted to change gateways, and again, thanks to Drupal it was a quick update compared to the time-sink a new gateway development might have become. Drupal is amazing!

John is a fantastic designer; meticulous and VERY knowledgeable. His best practices and creativity is a must for anyone wanting to create a truly great, cleanly coded website. John is also well versed in SEO and 508 compliance. I would recommend John to my business colleagues.
B. B., Owner Web Strategies Internet Solutions LLC


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