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The Harb Gets the Drupal Treatment

The Harb

"That is exactly what I'm looking for! I think you're a mind reader... everything looks awesome. Thanks for your hard work."
E. H., Owner

The Harb had run up against the WordPress wall and needed help realizing the original intention of their web site. Although WordPress can tag items, such customization, calendaring and display options are tough and time-consuming to achieve. The Harb realized they needed Drupal.

We customized our freely available Druplate Zeppelin theme to match his site colours, then implemented a Drupal site using Taxonomy to categorize events and businesses. Through a series of views we created pages that showed only appropriate items, and created other references via CCK Node Reference so that businesses could display related events.

The Harb is still entering content when we last checked but they've got a super Drupal base now. Growing the site will be much easier from here on out.

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