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Going Green

Everyone's "going green" these days. With environmental issues on all our minds, it's good to know there are web development companies out there that care. Way Cool Web Design saves as much gas as humanly possible by working from home. We also train clients to use their new Drupal Content Management web sites over the computer and phone, cutting down on travel time.

  • Bordercross Miami
  • U.S. Green Building Council, Maryland Chapter
  • GOforChange
  • Project Performance Corporation
I have had the pleasure of working with John nearly 10 years as both his superior at BrookGroup and his contemporary in our Freelance careers. He is not only dedicated and loyal, he is budget conscious and does everything he can to get things right the first time! Several clients have commented that he provides "the cleanest code they have ever seen"!! Be it design, programming, Drupal Installations, CSS, SEO or any of the hundreds of questions I may throw at him he is always there to support not only his clients but those working on the projects with them.
A. L. W., Owner
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