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Kimberlite Diamonds Website Design

Jewelry Web Site Has Unusual Requirements

What do you think are basic requirements for an eCommerce site? Ease of use, clear navigation, a competent shopping cart? Maybe. And maybe not...

This eCommerce site is a little different and had some unusual goals. The site needed to be clean, uncluttered, but not necessarily perfectly easy to use in that it’s navigation didn’t need to be overbearing with breadcrumb trails and tons of links to different user options, etc. Goals for this site were to make it beautiful, to make users want to click on the products without the product necessarily being the ONE they are looking for.

What Kind of Web Site Should Be Confusing?

We don’t mean it is confusing. It is only 2 levels deep, so it’s hard to get lost to begin with. This jewelry site is an affiliate site. Every link in it goes to another site where the transaction actually takes place.

So browsing, and maybe getting a little lost in the beautiful products, is big because maybe someone will see something they didn’t come for, and click on it for more info, which takes them to the site where they can buy it. There’s no shopping cart on this site. It is a shell that only directs users to where they can purchase an item they see.

What’s the benefit to the user? Well, Blue Nile has lots of nice jewelry but they don't have ALL the jewelry in the known jewelry universe. There are plenty of other vendors. So Kimberlite Diamonds can gather the best of the best together, which hopefully will have an appeal to the average jewelry shopper.


This site uses the classic PHP and MySQL combination to provide a powerful and easy way to display the vast database of products available. If you think ONE vendor has a ton of products, just imagine if the goal is to provide the best of several vendors!

On top of a sweet backend, this site requires the most up-to-date Search Engine Optimization efforts we could muster. TITLEs, KEYWORDs and DESCRIPTIONs aren’t even half the battle anymore. Content is King, and so HTML code and content were tweaked to optimize the site as much as possible. The search engines are not favorable toward affiliate sites so we’re all interested to see how well the site fairs in an organic search.

John is a fantastic designer; meticulous and VERY knowledgeable. His best practices and creativity is a must for anyone wanting to create a truly great, cleanly coded website. John is also well versed in SEO and 508 compliance. I would recommend John to my business colleagues.
B. B., Owner Web Strategies Internet Solutions LLC


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