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Legacy Insurance Web Site Design

Legacy Insurance Solutions LLC

"Thanks for the quick response John. It looks like I figured it out from your direction. I am happy that I did not outsource build/design to an overseas firm."
Brandt S., CIC, CEO Legacy Insurance Solutions, LLC

Legacy Insurance Solutions was founded on the principle of providing their clients with the most effective insurance products and solutions for their needs, while giving them the highest level of customer service. With well over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, Legacy professionals continue to build upon their family's legacy, which is to truly put their clients' interests at the forefront.

Insurance Web Site Design

Professionals in the web industry often partner with one another to combine skills. As a result Way Cool Web Design often collaborates with design firms who need help building Drupal CMS sites. This means we don't always get to flex our web design muscles since designs are delivered to us.

Since we worked directly with Legacy Insurance on this project Way Cool Web Design was responsible for the entire project, from initial planning and design through to the final Drupal implementation. Our intense Drupal understanding ensures your design avoids common design pitfalls, saving you money during the planning and revision stages.


The Legacy Insurance Web Site Design project was developed with:
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