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Moreover Technologies

Moreover Technologies

"I have had the pleasure of working with John nearly 10 years as both his superior at BrookGroup and his contemporary in our Freelance careers. He is not only dedicated and loyal, he is budget conscious and does everything he can to get things right the first time! Several clients have commented that he provides "the cleanest code they have ever seen"!! Be it design, programming, Drupal Installations, CSS, SEO or any of the hundreds of questions I may throw at him he is always there to support not only his clients but those working on the projects with them."
A. L. W., Owner

Moreover Technologies has been innovating and benchmarking the business intelligence gathering industry since 1998. They continue the trend with deep penetration into the social media universe... hundreds of thousands of social media and blog posts daily. From this robust repository comes industry-leading ability to focus and filter results from the proverbial haystack right down to the needle.

Brought to us by our Friend, Alyssa L. Woods LLC, this web site's facelift was designed by Way Cool Web Design. We provided landing pages and coded XHTML/CSS templates for the site.

John was incredibly professional, very responsive and timely with his emails. He knows his code, implemented changes easily, cheerfully did updates after "oops, we need..." John was firm, courteous, and his code worked wonders. We enjoyed our project, and definitely look forward to working with him again.

Adrean C.


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