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Shafer Solutions, Inc.

Shafer Solutions, Inc.

Originally founded as SSi Consulting, Shafer Solutions Inc. has been serving the software needs of small and mid-market organizations in the Mid-Atlantic area for over 25 years. In these challenging economic times, the healthy growth of your company is paramount to your overall success. Shafer provides the resources and direction necessary to clear your pathway to improved performance.

In early 2009 Shafer needed to make a change to their Web site that would allow them an easier time maintaining its constant changes. Way Cool Web Design implemented the Drupal Content Management System to help ease the burden, allowing for speedier content changes and page additions.

In late 2009 we added eCommerce to the Drupal site. Using the Ubercart module we updated the Shafer site to begin accepting paid Event Registrations. Although at the time this was created, a recipe existed to accept event registrations, those were for one-time events. Way Cool Web Design developed a method to enable Drupal multiple event registrations.

Now that is Way Cool!

First I'll just say it looks...amazing! I'm so excited! I've been playing around on the new site, and it's just fantastic...absolutely everything I had hoped for but so much more. Our ability to even make the smallest little change ourselves is just such a huge bonus and is so different from other website versions we've had, it just makes it that much more useful to me.

D.N., Publisher The Daily Washington Law Reporter


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