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Smokehouse Band Web Site Design

Smokehouse Band

Rock Band & Web Site Design Company Make Beautiful Music Together

It was a perfect match: goofy web designers and silly musicians. It was a combination that led to one fun site. This site has a MIDI jukebox and a Bachelor Pad setup for the musicians, what more could a band want?

Band Web Site Design Challenges

Fortunately, Way Cool Web Design has a testing environment that allows our websites to be hammered out on many platforms/browsers. Couple this with years of experience coding for the quirks in these various platforms and it’s no surprise we deliver such strong cross-browser code without the need to “browser sniff.” The Smokehouse boys really wanted a jukebox on their site so folks could listen to music while they surfed. The problem is that a song will restart every time a page is loaded. We’ve all been to those nightmare hobby sites that have music that keeps restarting on every page. Maddening, to say the least.

WayCoolWebDesign developed a technique to allow the user to pick a song from the “Groovy Smokehouse Jukebox” that would keep playing as the user moved through the site. Now that is Way Cool!

I will definitely be working with John in the future. He is a true professional who is dedicated to delivering high-quality work. I enjoyed working with him and appreciate his attention to detail and his communication skills. I highly recommend him to others.

C. M., President/CEO Bordercross Enterprises, LLC


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