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Split Rock International

Split Rock International

"John is a god of CSS coding. His work is meticulous and adheres to the best practices of the industry. Plus, he knows how to communicate in English, not programmerese. I wish he could clone himself."
K. B., Owner Apt Media, Inc.

Split Rock International is a business and investment advisory firm founded by Grant Aldonas in 2006 to help clients succeed in the global economy. They advise corporate clients, investment funds, government agencies and international institutions on the political and economic trends driving globalization and how these issues affect their clients’ interests.

The Split Rock project, brought to us by our Friend Apt Media Inc., was a bit challenging due to a mixture of issues. The code had already been created for the site, however it was not rendering as expected across browsers. Way Cool Web Design needed to update the site’s code as minimally as possible to resolve the issues and keep the cost down. The result is a mixture of code that as a whole we can’t claim, however we're proud to have jumped in to salvage the rocky parts.


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