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State Street Products, LLC

State Street Products, LLC

Since 1999, State Street Products, LLC's various flag sales companies have been dedicated to providing quality sports flags, banners, pennants, and d├ęcor to a spirited customer base. Each flag company has a web site, which is based on the same HTML template but with some different colours and products. These pages do extremely well with SEO for their keywords and market.

Way Cool has performed several small projects over the years for State Street. The largest one involved taking the majority of table layout out of these successful templates and using more css-based layout. Due to budget restraints the main layout table was left alone while the inside of the templates had the table clutter cleared away.

Wow! That's it! Since I changed that block yesterday, it was one of the first things I checked, but I overlooked the problem. You're a genius, and I'm very grateful ... Again, I am most grateful for your speedy assistance and impressed with your ability.
T. H., IT Analyst Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut


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