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Stress Monkey Web Site Design

"John did a wonderful job redesigning my website in a way that worked within my budget and created a result that is both impressive to look at and highly functional. He was a pleasure to work with!"
Christina R., Owner

The guru behind (SMG), Christina Rutheiser, was in need of changes to her site. During a site review Way Cool Web Design discovered some pretty basic code and usability flaws in the site which ultimately ended in a soothing redesign and restructuring of the content combined with the search engine optimization findings from Alyssa L Woods, LLC.

Designing A Good Web Site Is Not Rocket Science — Its Monkey Business

The previous SMG site suffered from a lack of visual hierarchy. One didn't really know where to start reading — and there was lots of reading, without much of a visual break from it. Easy enough to resolve: add some photos. We also provided more visual cues to the user as to where she was within the site via selected states and breadcrumb navigation.

The home page was formerly a basic Drupal install with "stories" making up the central content well. Calls to action were very limited and their value was minimal. As a remedy Way Cool Web Design added stronger photos and direct calls to action for various audience members. Way Cool Web Design's approach to theming Drupal means you don't need to suffer "that template look."

Below the main animated call to action area we added more interesting softer routes into the site via "callouts." Latest blog posts, popular products and some search engine optimization text round out the Home page.

Make The CMS So Easy, A Monkey Could Use It

While the Drupal CMS is incredibly powerful, out of the box it can be dizzying for a developer to handle customizations. It's pretty easy to get a Drupal site going but customizing can be another story. This is why a lot of Drupal sites are so dull and sometimes even hard to use — beginning developers aren't aware of how to make changes so the system is easier for clients to use.

This is where we come in. We swing on Drupal like a buck-toothed kid on playground monkey bars.

We went to work, quickly adding stress-free access for the Stress Monkey Guru to edit her content. We noticed her current implementation didn't allow uploading photos, and we nearly cried when she said "No, I've never had the option of uploading photos." What?! Don't worry, Christina, now you can upload photos.


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