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Web Strategies Design Refresh

Web Strategies Design Refresh

"John is a fantastic designer; meticulous and VERY knowledgeable. His best practices and creativity is a must for anyone wanting to create a truly great, cleanly coded website. John is also well versed in SEO and 508 compliance. I would recommend John to my business colleagues."
B. B., Owner Web Strategies Internet Solutions LLC

Our friend, Web Strategies wanted a facelift for the site. To meet desired personalization goals we added an image of owner Beth Bates to the header, as well as simplified the header while at the same time boosting the feel of quality by using a background which emphasized more taste than the previous header.

We also recoded the navigation to stop the practice of nested tables in that area and to make the navigation easier to update throughout the site by relying more on CSS. In addition, a bold "Subscribe to the Newsletter" graphic was developed to increase user awareness.


The Web Strategies Design Refresh project was developed with:
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