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Content Writing


Content Is King. Don't Let The Jester Write It.

The #1 problem we run into in web site design is content. Everyone wants a website, no one wants to write the actual content. But content is what can make or break the web site because it serves several critical purposes.

First, it is the entire reason to have a web site. From the company’s point of view, the primary purpose for having a website may simply be the marketing-related desire to “have a presence on the web”. From a web surfer’s point of view, that’s no reason to come to your site.

Surfers re-visit a site for its content. Period. The site offers them information, software or freebies of some sort. Even if you don’t intend to offer downloadables on your website, the viewer still needs a reason to come to you other than to find your phone number. You need content.

Second, one criteria search engines use in their algorithms to rank your site is your site’s content and its relationship to your keywords. If your keywords tell the search engine your company is about “truck repair” and upon evaluation of your site’s pages the search engine finds no content on “truck repair” then your rank will suffer.

The Real Problem With Writing Content

The real problem with content is that you, the client, know more about your business than we do. Yet you’ve come to us because you do not have either the skills, knowledge or time required to produce a top notch web site. Many clients think hey, we hired them, they'll come up with it.

Somewhere in the gulf between what you know but don't have time for, and what we don't know but do have time for, we have to meet. If you are strapped for time and cannot provide content, we can develop it. Way Cool Web Design uses writers versed in Internet marketing to create content from scratch or massage pre-existing content to meet not only your marketing goals but also any search engine optimization goals you have.

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