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Information Architecture (IA)

Planning Your Site Through Information Architecture

A trap many design companies fall into is assuming a small web site will be so simple that the designers don’t really need to flesh out the Information Architecture (IA), or flow, for the site. Information Architecture is imperative no matter what size the site.

Too often, a site without an IA map becomes unwieldy as it is built. Help pages, error pages, news article or other archives; all of these can contribute to creating a site that is much larger than originally anticipated. In order to avoid surprises that can severely impede the user experience of a site, it's essential to develop an IA map.

Automatic Information Architecture

Once we understand the content sections needed for your website we flowchart the information and begin looking for cracks. It helps us determine where information dead-ends are, where crosslinking should occur, and how best to avoid HTML bottlenecks and pitfalls that could slow development down later in production.

Solid, intelligent information architecture is performed for every Way Cool Web Design web site. That info is shared with you and revised as needed. It’s a clear cut map for our journey!

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