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Logo Design

The Art of Logo Design

Logo, logotype, mark, bug... what are all these things, and who really cares? We care, and so should you because your customers do, even if it may be subconsciously.

Your logo speaks to your customers in many ways. Most obviously there is the literal manner in which the logo displays a picture and/or incoporates the name of your company. Your logo also speaks indirectly to the ideals of your company. People pick up on nuances of the logo design, whether consciously or not, translating it through their emotions or past experiences. This sounds like a bit of psychological mumbo jumbo but it's easily illustrated.

Logo Design Mumbo Jumbo Explained

Have you ever stopped to think about the design inside a fast food restaurant? The designers have. You've probably never eaten inside a bright green fast food restaurant and this is mainly because of emotional reasons. Designers know colour can affect choices. Colours that have been shown to increase the likelihood of hunger, or that at least tend to comfort those who are hungry, are browns, yellows and reds. Go into your local fast food chain and look around. The seats are probably yellow, brown or red. By the way, bright green tends to repulse hunger feelings.

It's the same with your logo. What colour, exactly — and should it be puce just because that’s the boss’ favorite colour? Straight lines or curved? Soft and friendly, or sharp and business-like? What typeface? Where will the logo be seen? Can it be reproduced well in print, on the web, on a business card, in a fax?

Think about these concerns the next time you decide to simply set your logo in Microsoft Word with some clipart. There's more to your logo design than a picture and your name.

Be sure to visit the logo design projects below to see our creations.

Thanks for the quick response John. It looks like I figured it out from your direction. I am happy that I did not outsource build/design to an overseas firm.

Brandt S., CIC, CEO Legacy Insurance Solutions, LLC
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